Create easily and for free
Your own world-class mobile app
for outstanding service and sales growth
without programmers and designers
Create easily
and for free
Mobile app for service and sales
without programmers
and designers
Six reasons to create a ready B2C mobile
app with *
* our platform for sales and service | without programmers and designers
Ready to work with clients
In 10+ sectors of retail trade and services
10+ main functions to choose from
For top-class service and sales - all inclusive
Always unlimited
Any number of customers, employees, products and branches
Free creation
For any configuration & amazing tariff support
Always 2 in 1
You get IOS & Android for all models at once with a native solution
Customizable for your business design, interface and functionality
What mobile apps
from can do
What if we offer you your own marketplace, social network, messenger with chats and free push-notifications, a store, a loyalty program, personalized offers, news feeds and a service rating system in one unique solution that you can create for free today?
Is it even legal :) ?
" has already created 10+ TOP-functions for customer service and sales. Use them without restrictions"
Alexey Troyan | CEO at
Chats with clients
Private, group, push instead of SMS, additional ability to connect an AI-bot.
Shop and store window
With customizable items, purchases, payment and shipping
Appointment and booking
Quick orders or services, specialists, and places - on time, on schedule
Service rating and reviews
Honest assessment of each client visit in one click with the possibility of feedback
Personal promotions
Your own loyalty program with segmented delivery offers
News feed and promotions
Plus the opportunity for discussion with clients and votes
Map of branches
With geolocation and indication of distance between clients and their nearest point
Personal client profile
With settings, history, check-ins and callback orders
Corporate profile
Access rights, application configuration, work with clients and mobile signals
In which industries is it easy to implement
a mobile app with
    Sell 24/7 directly on the customer's phone without visits
    There's nothing easier and more convenient for a customer than purchases with delivery via their phone. Loyalty programs and push notifications will help make it a habit.
    Access to food orders and delivery in one click
    There's also the possibility to book tables and receive invitations to events. Evaluate the quality of service after each visit. Why do you need aggregators and SMM? You can do everything yourself without competitors' access to the database.
    The app is a remote control for apartments and houses with access to all services
    Call a plumber, send complaints with photos, get receipts, follow construction progress of new apartments, trade in old properties, watch courtyard camera feed, order passes, and 100 more possibilities.
    Register clients non-stop, every hour must be scheduled
    On top of this, sell cosmetics, address questions about new products in chats, send invitations to test new products and news with beautiful photos and videos.
    Create appointments, book appointments yourself and on-duty doctor online
    Your clients know how to get help when they feel unwell, but cannot come. Your doctors know that every appointment is valued. You know how and to whom to offer new types of prevention and treatment with one click at no cost.
  • CARS
    Service, trade-in and sale of new cars
    Sending a problem with a photo after an accident in the chat to customer support is an invaluable opportunity to sell services. Free reminders of regular maintenance, book appointments for tire services and car washes, online sale of spare parts and, of course, advertising new models.
    Ticket sales, tours, posters, club cards
    Create a social club with your customers through communication on your mobile phone - offer new types of entertainment with segmented personal promotions, arrange hot sales at no cost in one click.
    Online consultations for new clients, manage current affairs
    Give customers the opportunity to address problems - get the opportunity to sell services the moment they're needed. Keep clients informed of current affairs and changes in legislation. Connect to the partners' system for cross-selling.
    The best coach, always to hand
    Send to customers videos of new exercises and meal plans, sign up for new services, make fuel for cross-selling and tariff plans, present new programs and equipment, answer questions from passionate sports fans in chats to sell professionally.
    Sell courses, student support, communications
    Assignments and grades via the app. Advertise new programs and registration for training courses. Directory of private tutors. Parent committees with teachers and students. Online record of classes and groups. Performance boards and success stories.
  • HR
    Corporate offers for company employee
    The whole team in one information field. All HR and partner services in one click. Personnel surveys. Complaints and suggestions. The trade union is a real community with online voting.
    Your industry should be here
    There is no industry where the implementation of a mobile app would not allow you to optimize processes, improve service and generate additional income. can create an excellent solution for your company too - send a consultation request and we will find a solution.
How to upgrade your business by implementing a mobile app with
Create a mobile app
Easily and for free. This is the simplest stage - you already know how and with whom to quickly go through it :) You can start right now
Install app with 10-75% of clients
Make a promotion, send everyone a link to your app, and ask employees to make app installments for clients one of their main KPIs
Send proposals
The channel is ready. Now segment your customers and start selling by sending personalized offers and news
Evaluate the service and act
Request ratings and reviews after each visit, interview customers who left after one purchase. You will get them back
What does a business get
by implementing a mobile app to customers' phones, created together with
MIN costs
MAX efficiency
Save 1-2 million rubles on development | Refusal from paid SMS in favour of accurate and free push | Free duplication
The best customer experience on the market is yours
Customer phones are remote controls for your products and services | Honest quality ratings and surveys | Delivery of personal offers
Frequency growth of sales, receipts and scalability
Reduce the cost of attracting new deals | Increase in repeat sales and average receipts of existing customers | Base protection against targeting
INEED.CHAT mobile application
support rates


$ per month
on annual plan
$264 over 12 months


$ per month
on monthly plan
Five simple steps to a client
from idea to application from
Create an account and get a setup assistant
He will carry out all the work - it's free and fast
Choose appropriate functions for your business
You can choose all of them, a combination or just one. This will not affect the cost anyway; it's all inclusive
Add ready-made solutions - design and interface
Name, logo, color, screens and button assignments for selected functions
Choose support tariff
For example, only $22 per month ($264/1 year) or $32 per month, with no restrictions on the number of users, employees, products or branches
Our application is waiting for your customers in the App Store and on Google Play
Use to start implementation and double the quality of service, repeat sales and average receipts
Create a mobile app
for your business right now
register an account and connect with a setup assistant